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The Best Boats for Lake County Rentals

Don't Miss the Best Boats for Lake County Rentals

Lake County Rentals is one of the best ways to see the area from a totally unexpected view. The County's distinctive landscape includes rolling hills and breathtaking panoramas that lead up to Sugarloaf Mountain, the highest point in peninsular Florida.

The county also has several state parks and a national forest teeming with flora and wildlife that attract hikers and dedicated bird watchers every year. In these pristine regions, tourists will find Florida's most beautiful and protected species.

Notable mentions include the Florida Scrub-jay and the gopher tortoise.

Beyond the scenery found nowhere else in Florida lies a grand county with over 1000 lakes and rivers. With so many rivers and lakes in Lake County Florida, it's easy to see how the county acquired its name.

Many of these lakes and rivers provide a relaxing setting. Especially the most notable of the areas lakes, is the Harris Chain of Lakes. Many people use these connected bodies of water to fully enjoy the relaxation that Lake County has to offer, and in order to do so, you need a boat. Considering the cost of a boat rental, getting a boat from any lake county boat rentals would be ideal.

The good news is there are several of these rentals in Lake County Fl, and a good example is Premier Get Wet Sport. Whether you want to hire a pontoon boat, jetski, craigcat, or other types of Mount Dora Boat Rentals, Lake County Fl, have something for you.

However, you'll want to make sure you select the boat and the waterway that can provide the experience you're looking for.

Therefore, this guide will show you the best boats you can get for rent at any professional Lake County rental like Premier Get Wet Sports.

Wakeboard & Ski Boat Rentals

Wakeboarding and ski rental are ideal for people who want to experience life on the water with their friends. Usually, the fewer people on board, the better for water skiing. On the other hand, Wakeboards can take more passengers than a traditional ski boat.

When you have decided whether to take a ski boat and wakeboard, consider visiting Venetian Gardens Ski Beach. Located in Leesburg, Florida, this garden is one of the biggest attractions in Lake County and its environs. The name of this place comes from the fact that it is one of the best spots, if not the best spot for water skiing in Florida.

Besides, you don't have to ski to enjoy the fun of this place. Friends and family that do not want to ski can stay back at the shore of Lake Harris and have picnics and relax. For the best experience, ensure you get your ski boat and wakeboard from reputable rentals in Lake County FL, like Premier Get Wet Sports.

Pontoon Boat Rentals

This is a flatboat that floats on pontoons (or tubes). Pontoon boat heights can be as low as eight inches, lowering the boat's chance of getting underwater damage. Once you have gotten the right pontoon boat from a good lake county watersports rental like Premier Get Wet Sports, you can take yourself on some fishing adventure.

Take your pontoon boat and visit any of the 1000 lakes in Lake County. If you are lucky to have good weather, you will find people like you fishing on the lakes. Bass fishing is the most popular activity in this area, and several competitions are organized every year. Hopefully, you will be on time for one of these competitions that features different people from all around in the hopes of catching that award-winning fish.

Center Console rentals

The Clermont Chain of Lakes has some of the best sparkling water lakes in Lake County. Its 11 lakes, totaling 8,692 acres, significantly contribute to the thriving neighborhood. It is also one of the best places to fish in Lake County, especially if you have a center console boat.

A center console, or simply CC, is a single-decked open hull boat with the helm in the middle. Some variants have a cabin, typically positioned in the bow, and contain tiny sleepers for sleeping.

Take your time and appreciate the gorgeous countryside when you hire a center console from Premier Get Wet Sports.

Bowriders rentals

These are boats with a forward-facing helm and larger seats. They are typically driven by outboard engines and can accommodate six to ten passengers. That gives you enough space to bring your friends and family along to have fun when you hire a bowrider.

After you get a bowrider from a reputable boat rentals lake county FL company like Premier Get Wet Sports, you can head out to Dead River for some fun. If you enjoy lake life, you'll enjoy it at the Dead River.

The Dead River gets its name from its lack of movement. The river separates the communities of Tavares and Leesburg and links Lake Eustis and Lake Harris. Along this river, you'll discover a lot of establishments that provide services for passing boats and hungry guests. You can grab some refreshing beverage on their balcony or simply enjoy the scenery.

Speedboat rentals

An engine powers a motorboat, speedboat, or powerboat. Some have inboard engines, while others have outboard motors. When you hire a speedboat from Premier Get wet Sports, you'll be the envy of your friends as you carve a swath through the lakes in Lake County Florida, during the weekend.

On weekends, several restaurants in the area feature delicious raw bars. And if you want to have fun on a weekday, you can come in on a Wednesday night. The county would host you on the popular steak night.

You can even fill up your boat while eating, and if you hang out here long enough, you'll meet new people like you coming out for fun!

Catamarans rentals

These boats have two parallel, equal-sized hulls. As a result, they are often relatively stable in water. That means you can take them all over the lakes in Lake County even if the tides are not in your favor. Renting a catamaran from a reputable place like Premier Get Wet Sports even makes your sails more secure. You can trust the boat as you sail through harsh waves without the fear of the boat capsizing.

Yachts rentals

A yacht is essentially any watercraft used for pleasure or watersports. It usually has enough room in its cabin for overnight use. Yacht rentals in Lake County FL are for people who would love to explore the rich watersports culture of the county along with friends and family. One of such locations that come to mind is Hickory Point Beach.

The Hickory Point Beach sand volleyball complex near Tavares is Florida's most prominent beach volleyball complex, with 21 sand volleyball courts ready for play. The complex has a Soccer Facility with six fields, aside from the volleyball action. It also has a boating complex where people come for fishing competitions.

Sailboats rentals

A sailboat, sometimes known as a sailing boat, is driven partially or entirely by sails, but it is smaller than a sailing ship. Catch the breezes and experience natural boating pleasure when hiring a sailboat in Lake County. Although most people might not know how to sail a sailboat, they are beautiful sights to see if you are out enjoying the water and scenery.

If you haven't traveled along the gorgeous Dora Canal in Lake County, FL, its something you should not miss. While it would be difficult to access it with your sailboat if you are trying to enjoy the Dora Canal it is probably best to rent a different type of boat.

This magnificent and wildlife-filled canal links Lake Eustis and Lake Dora, and it is a must-see! Take your Lake Eustis boat rental and make sure not to miss these sights. Rumor has it that the river scenes in the 1951 classic movie African Queen were shot on this river.

Cabin Cruisers

This type of powerboat can accommodate passengers and crew members on board. Cabin cruisers typically range in length from 20 to 40 feet, and they are ideal for people seeking fun in large groups.

When you rent a cabin cruiser from Premier Get Wet Sports, you can also request for cabin crew. That way, you do not have to bother about the trip. Even if you decide to do things yourself, cabin cruises have spaces where you can sleep whenever you want. All you need is to anchor your boat anywhere and sleep comfortably overnight.

If you are short of ideas, Palm Gardens Restaurant & Marina is one of those places you can take your cabin cruise. This hidden gem is located along the Dead River and offers food, beverages, gas, and even a boat ramp. If you proceed down Dead River towards Lake Harris, you'll encounter even more tranquil facilities, such as Lake Harris Hideaway. This waterside restaurant offers multiple boat berths and is nestled away among beautiful foliage, making it a true water lover's delight.

Deck Boat rentals

Deck boats have a lot of deck space, which creates additional space for family and friends and chairs and other conveniences. You can take everyone with you on the water for a boating/fishing excursion when you rent a deck boat from Premier Get Wet Sports.

Just in case you need an idea of where to go, you can visit Lake Minneola. This lake is one of the best in Lake County. It's recognized as the "World's Wakeboarding Capital" It is so large that it has its fishing pier and even a wakeboarding camp nearby. You will also enjoy the fact that competitions are popular on this lake. So, get your Deck boats and head over to have some fun.

Dinghy boat rentals

A dinghy is a small watercraft that may be carried or towed by a bigger vessel as a lifeboat. If you have a big boat, you can anchor it offshore on any of the lakes in the chain of lakes and use the dinghy to approach ashore securely.

You will find some of the best waters in Lake County as it has Florida's most polished lake systems. You won’t want to waste your time bringing your large vessels to the shore when you have the opportunity to find Florida's largest largemouth bass here. Instead of doing that, get a Dinghy from a reputable rental like Premier Get Wet Sports and get to shore.

What you need to know before getting seeking Lake County boat rentals

The following are some essential things to note before getting a boat rental in Lake County FL.

Age Requirements for Boat Rental

Generally, you must be at least 18 years old to rent a boat from any Lake County Rentals. In some cases, some Lake County boat rentals might request that you are 21 or even 25. Ideally, different boat rentals in Lake County have their rules which may vary slightly from one to another.

What to bring on your boat rental

Generally, you will need food, drinks, and fuel. Remember that more is better when it comes to eating and drinking. You must never forget your hydrating drinks. Without packing enough hydrating drinks, you might ruin your fun day on the lake.

Depending on the nature of your boating trip, you'll want to bring any extra equipment you need. This could be snorkeling masks, fishing rods or tubes to enjoy the water.

Finally, you do not have to worry about fuel. If you get your boat rental from a reputable company like Premier Get wet Sports, they will deliver the boat fully fueled and ready to go.

Learning to Drive the Boat

Most jurisdictions require you to have completed a basic boating or boating safety school before operating any form of a boat. So, before you even contemplate renting a boat, you should have been introduced to the fundamentals.

However, it is not as difficult as it sounds. Don't worry if you do not have any experience. Some rental companies like Premier Get Wet Sports may provide you with on-the-spot instruction.

Rules of the Water

Finally, there are local regulations or limitations that guide tourists in this environment. If you rent from a reputable company like Premier Get Wet Sports, they will advise you of any such rules. However, it is also crucial that you ask a few questions about the laws before leaving the dock.

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