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Lake Harris Boat Rentals

We provide exceptional Lake Harris boat rentals for visitors in the Orlando region, including those exploring attractions like Disney. Situated alongside the picturesque Harris Chain of Lakes, our location is ideal for a memorable day on the water. Perfect for both experienced boaters and newcomers, our boat rental service offers a blend of adventure and the breathtaking beauty of Florida's lakes. This is an essential experience for anyone in Orlando looking for a distinctive and thrilling water activity.

Serving Lake Harris Boat Rentals

Everything you want from Lake Harris boat rentals

Embark on an unforgettable journey with our Lake Harris boat rentals, a premier choice for those exploring the Orlando area, including the famous Disney attractions. Nestled in the heart of Florida, Lake Harris, part of the expansive Harris Chain of Lakes, offers a tranquil and visually stunning environment for your aquatic escapades. Our top-notch boat rentals at Premier Get Wet Watersports are ideally suited for both groups and individuals eager to soak up a day amidst nature's splendor.

Self-Directed Exploration at Its Best:

Our boat rentals empower you with the autonomy to traverse the vast expanse of Lake Harris and its adjoining water bodies. Freely roam across the Harris Chain of Lakes, uncovering its many secrets and serene spots at your leisure.

A Stone's Throw from Dora Canal:

Your aquatic adventure gains an edge with our proximity to the famed Dora Canal, placing you right in the lap of Florida's lush landscapes. This closeness to natural wonders ensures a swift dive into the picturesque waterways that define this region

Lakeside Amenities Galore:

As you navigate the waters, a variety of lakeside conveniences await – from welcoming eateries and bars to sun-kissed beaches and docking spots. These facilities offer perfect pauses in your journey, catering to every whim, whether it's a bite, a leisurely meal, or basking on a beach.

A Refreshing Detour for Theme Park Visitors:

For guests of Orlando's renowned theme parks, our boat rentals present a delightful diversion. It's an ideal way to decompress and forge unforgettable memories, a serene counterpoint to the exhilarating theme park experience.

Effortless Rental Process:

At Premier Get Wet Watersports, we guarantee a smooth rental experience. We provide everything – from safety equipment to navigational aids – ensuring you can concentrate on savoring your time on the water. Our boats, accommodating up to 10 or 12 passengers, are perfect for any group event, be it a family reunion, a friendly gathering, or a special celebration.

Situated in Tavares, FL, Premier Get Wet Watersports offers unmatched boat rental services for those visiting Orlando and its environs. With Lake Harris' 13,788 acres of water surface, surrounded by sandhills and cypress trees, and its deeper waters compared to other Florida lakes, it's an unparalleled way to enjoy a day on the water with loved ones.

Relax on Lake Harris Boat Rentals

Perks of Lake Harris Boat Rentals

Discover the Benefits of Lake Harris Boat Rentals

All-Inclusive Pricing:

Enjoy the convenience of all-inclusive pricing with our boat rentals, where fuel costs are already covered. This feature simplifies your trip planning and adds value to your boating adventure on Lake Harris.

Exceptionally Maintained Vessels:

Our fleet of boats is meticulously serviced and upheld to the highest standards, ensuring a secure and smooth sailing experience. This dedication to excellence guarantees a dependable and pleasurable journey on the lake.

State-of-the-Art Boating:

Experience the latest in boating technology with our state-of-the-art vessels. Perfect for both novices and seasoned sailors, our boats promise an extraordinary outing on Lake Harris.

User-Friendly and Comfortable:

Our boats are designed with user-friendliness and comfort in mind, suitable for boaters of all skill levels. The intuitive design of our vessels ensures a relaxing and enjoyable excursion.

Convenient Launch from the Marina:

Set sail directly from the marina with our readily accessible boats. This convenience eliminates the need for cumbersome transportation and setup, enhancing your overall experience.

Effortless Online Booking:

Reserve your boat rental effortlessly through our online booking system. This streamlined process minimizes planning time, allowing you to maximize your enjoyment on the water.

These features come together to provide a smooth and exciting boat rental experience, perfect for exploring the scenic Lake Harris and enriching your visit to the Orlando area with a touch of adventure.

Why Lake Harris Boat Rentals

Pontoon boats stand as the quintessential choice for group excursions, especially at Lake Harris, known for its unique China-like shape and expansive 13,788 acres. These vessels offer a harmonious blend of comfort, ample space, and adaptability, making them ideal for various group activities, whether it's a family outing, a gathering with friends, or corporate events.

The design of pontoon boats, with their generous seating arrangements, ensures that every member of your group can relax and engage comfortably. The spacious deck of these boats allows for free movement, enhancing the experience of exploring Lake Harris' diverse shoreline, which ranges from private residences and citrus groves to commercial areas and natural wetlands.

A significant benefit of pontoon boats is their stability. Their broad, flat structure reduces the likelihood of rocking, a comforting feature for those new to boating or susceptible to seasickness. This stability is particularly advantageous on Lake Harris, where waters can become rough during high winds, making pontoons a safe and enjoyable choice for various activities, from peaceful cruising and sightseeing to fishing and water sports.

Safety is paramount with pontoon boats, especially for groups with children. The enclosed railings and shallow drafts create a secure environment, allowing younger passengers to delight in the water's beauty safely. This aspect is crucial on a lake like Harris, where nature photographers and wildlife enthusiasts gather to capture the stunning scenery and diverse fauna.

Moreover, pontoon boats offer the flexibility to tailor your trip to your group's preferences. Whether you seek a tranquil day of cruising, an adventurous water sports experience, or a serene sunset journey, a pontoon boat can accommodate your needs, making it an ideal vessel for exploring Lake Harris' picturesque coves and enjoying its abundant natural beauty.

Embarking on a Group Adventure with a Pontoon Boat Rental at Lake Harris:

If you're planning a group outing near Orlando, consider the unique experience that a pontoon boat rental on Lake Harris can offer. It's more than just a boat ride; it's an opportunity to forge unforgettable memories with your group amidst the backdrop of Lake Harris' hilly terrain, cypress trees, and vibrant wildlife. With their comfort, stability, and versatility, pontoon boats are the perfect vessel for your next adventure on this distinctive Florida lake. Rent a pontoon boat today and set sail for an extraordinary experience on the water!

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