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Top Rated Leesburg Boat Rentals

Check out these Leesburg Boat Rentals

A Leesburg Boat Rentals is one of the best places to visit in Central Florida. This county has a tranquil setting, dubbed as one of Central Florida's secret beauties. With its bustling and enjoyable community life, it's no surprise that so many people call this place home. It's undeniably a popular spot for people to relax and enjoy life.

The beauty of Leesburg, FL is in its Lake County Rentals. comes from its alias. The entire city of Leesburg is surrounded by water which is why it is called the Lakefront City. On the city's southern shorelines, Lake Harris, Lake Griffin to the north, and Lake Denham flow along portions of the area's western borders.

Having lakes on virtually every corner naturally presents a plethora of chances and alternatives for sailing on the water. So, it’s a place to visit if you are looking to enjoy some time out on the water. The best thing is that you don't have to own a boat to participate because many businesses run Leesburg boat rentals here.

An excellent example of professional Leesburg boat rental services is Premier Get Wet Sports. Premier Get Wet Sports has boats for hire. From there, you can get numerous types of boasts to tour Lake Harris Leesburg Florida. There are several options depending on what you intend to do and the number of people going on the trip.

If you are considering taking a trip to Lake Harris Leesburg Florida, read on to find out the best boat rentals available to you.

Pontoon boat rentals Leesburg FL

Pontoon boats get their name because they use pontoons to stay afloat. A pontoon is a sort of floating device used to increase the buoyancy of a boat. Because these tubes are airtight and hollow, they are water-resistant and nearly unsinkable. Pontoon boats float smoothly on the water thanks to the use of two or more pontoon tubes, allowing the boat owner to deck out their boat with as many gadgets as possible without worrying about weight.

Generally speaking, the term pontoon boat refers to any boat with a big, flat deck that is usually mounted on at least two or three sealed metal or aluminum tubes called pontoons.

In the past, they were somewhat sluggish, making them ideal for outdoor activities such as fishing, sunbathing, and even partying. However, boat dealers have recently reintroduced them into the limelight with advancements in pontoon design and use.

Thanks to their more straightforward design, today's pontoon boats are much faster and better. They are popular throughout the country since you can utilize them for various activities, including watersports, swimming, day sailing, and, of course, relaxing.

There are fishing pontoon boats where you can do all of your fishing. There are also performance pontoons with powerful outboard motors that will have you speeding across the lake or bay with the wind in your hair. If you are a fan of luxury, there are also luxurious pontoon boat rentals where you will find everything you need, from tastefully finished toilets to blenders and more.

In fact, most people have described Pontoon boats as the SUVs of watercraft because they all have the following characteristics:

  • They are highly multifunctional. You can use pontoon boats for different activities like fishing, watersports, day sailing, swimming, and, of course, relaxing.

  • Pontoon boats like regular SUVs offer comfort to those on board, especially the luxurious ones.

  • There is enough storage on the pontoon boat to carry all your luggage. Thanks to the pontoon technology, you don’t have to worry about sinking the boat.

  • Thanks to the simple design that pontoon boats have, they are straightforward to clean.

  • The simple design also means that pontoon boats are easy to maintain

  • So long you are above 18, you can drive a pontoon boat.

Furthermore, the beauty of pontoon boats is the multitude of options you have with them that allows for flexibility. You can decide to go for big pontoon boats if you want to enjoy your trip with your loved ones. There are also small pontoon boats if you do not want a crowd. You can get a pontoon trailer along with your Leesburg boat rental and explore the waterways and the Leesburg Marina.

Activities you can try with your pontoon boat rentals in Lake Harris Leesburg Florida.

The first step to enjoying your holiday in Leesburg, FL, is to get the right boat rental. Once you have gotten your pontoon boat rental from a professional service like Premier Get Wet sports, the following are some things you can do with the Leesburg Pontoon boat rental Leesburg FL.

Fishing pontoon boat rentals Leesburg Fl

Fishing pontoon boats are more common in the pontoon boat you will find in Lake Harris Leesburg Florida. The explanation is simple: they are excellent and comfy, carry a considerable number of people, and provide an excellent fishing platform. Aside from that, contemporary fishing pontoon boats have all of the angling accouterments you'll need, from rod holders to aerated live wells to tackleboxes.

If you are looking for a place to get all the fishing action, consider taking your pontoon boat to Lake Harris. Lake Harris is famous for its large bass fishes as it is one of the most productive in the area. If you are considering fishing with your pontoon boat, the ideal times to fish are in the winter and spring. At that time of the year, the bass populations expand as they spawn in their beds.

Rent a pontoon boat to entertain your loved ones.

Pontoon boats are sometimes referred to as party barges. That's because these boats come with plenty of deck space, superb stability, and a variety of furniture arrangements. That means you can have a pontoon that's just as suitable for lounging as a lakeside patio. The only difference — and what makes a pontoon boat even better is that you are floating rather than on land, and you can transport the party anywhere you choose.

Besides, nothing beats the feeling you get when you rest, unwind, and simply take in the scenery in a Pontoon Boat on the Harris Chain of lakes. Unlike many of Florida's lakes, which are shallow and clogged with debris, the lakes on the Harris chain are deep and almost obstruction-free. You can party on without anxiety and enjoy the terrific sights of birds and other species on the lakes and canals. Nothing compares to seeing a Harris Chain of Lakes sunset from the luxury of your pontoon boat with your family after a day on the lake.

Wakeboarding, tubing, and skiing

Finally, if you are a fan of watersports, pontoon boat rentals Leesburg FL might be ideal for you. Pontoon boats come with tow-bits and storage compartments large enough to carry water skis or knee-boards. They also have swim platforms with giant, stable ladders for stepping on and off the boat. These are features of some of the finest pontoon boats for skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding. Pontoon boats also have a lot of power and provide youngsters with a thrilling yet safe ride. Even with tiny pontoon boats, you will have everything you need to participate in watersports to a large extent.

The good news is several watersport activities are going on in Leesburg. Join in and have fun in any of those sporting events with your friends and family. With your large boat, you can decide to watch the events or join in yourself. It's all left to you to make the decision.

Jet ski rental Leesburg FL

A jet ski is a tiny jet-powered vehicle that skims across the water's surface and is often ridden like a motorbike. Essentially, it is a personal recreational watercraft (PWC) on which the rider can stand or sit. Jet skis provide intuitive handling and outstanding performance on the water at an affordable price. The watersport of riding a jet ski is known as jet skiing.

Besides the fact that Jet skis are smaller than regular motorboats, they have a different working principle. Unlike typical motorboats that use exterior propellers, jet skis use internal impellers.

An impeller is a mechanical fan that draws water into a vessel. It is positioned differently from propellers, meant to blow air away. The impeller in a jet ski maintains a continual stream of water entering the craft for the jet propellor to push out.

The jet propulsion system propels it back out when water enters the watercraft. As the water is forced out, it collides with the surrounding water, propelling the jet ski forward. Another big difference is that Jet skis are relatively safer than motorboats. That's because the moving parts in the jet ski are on the inside. As a result, jet skis can operate in shallow water, reducing the danger of harm to the user.

Like Pontoon boat, Jetski rental Leesburg FL come in different models. The different types range from leisure to performance, each with its benefits and drawbacks for riders. Ideally, the sort of jet ski rental Leesburg FL you want will depend on the features and specifications of the jet ski.

Activities you can try with your jet ski rental Leesburg FL

The following are some ways you can have fun with your jet ski rental in Leesburg, FL:

Jumping waves with your jet ski rental Leesburg FL

Jumping waves is one of the fantastic ways to have fun on your jet ski. You can jump waves on a jet ski in two ways, depending on what you want.

First, you can head to an uncrowded beach in Leesburg and catch the slow-moving deep water waves.

You can also look for huge cruise ships that leave a deep yet high wave in their wake. These produce some spectacular wake, which I enjoy testing myself on.

Do not attempt this alone since it is pretty dangerous. When surfing waves, you should also wear protective gear such as a helmet, gloves, and a PFD that is as thick as possible.

Snorkeling with Jet Skis at Crystal River

Jet skis are not precisely the ideal watercraft for snorkeling. However, taking a jet ski down to your snorkeling location is going to be much easier and faster. Besides, a jet ski is a perfect option if you are going alone or just with a partner.

If you are in for some snorkeling fun, we recommend that you take your jet ski to Crystal River. There you can have some fun following a school of fish. But then, fishes are hardly the main attractions in this crystal-clear river. Prepare to meet one of the most giant aquatic mammals; the manatees. Jet Skis are just perfect for snorkeling around these creatures since the jet ski does not have any external moving parts that can hurt the animals. But then, ensure you keep a safe distance from these mammals as they are protected species.

Race Your friends

With jet skis' speed, racing on water doesn't get any better. To get started, you and your friends have to get jet skis from a professional jet ski rental in Leesburg FL, like Premier Get Wet Sports. Once you all have the jet skis, take yourselves to one of the waters and see who is the best.

You will have quality bonding time. Plus, it’s not as risky as racing on the road. However, be sure the waterway you are using doesn't have speed restrictions. Some waterways in Leesburg only allow 25 or 40 knots even when no one else is around. You can check out the City of Winter Haven. They allow jet skiing without any restrictions.

Also, remember to keep it friendly and keep a reasonable distance since jet skis don't have brake lights, and it's hard to see a ski slowing down behind a wake.

Craigcat boat rentals Leesburg FL

Craigcat boats are another unique top-rated watercraft you can rent in Leesburg Marina and Leesburg at large. They are a special type of catamarans. You can also call them power catamarans. The name comes from the fact that most of them have two hulls, just like in Pontoon boats.

Craigcat boats have been a very popular choice for many watercraft lovers in recent years for various reasons. Firstly, they provide more deck and cabin space than monohull powerboats of the same length. Also, they are more fuel-efficient because they do not drag heavy ballast through the water. Thirdly, maneuvering a Craigcat boat is relatively easy since their engines are set wide apart. The distance between the engines eliminates the need for a bow thruster. A bow thruster is a propeller that provides side thrust, thus making maneuvering difficult. Furthermore, Craigcat boats are very stable at rest and in movement.

One of the beauties of the craig cat boat is it versatility. It is the only type of power catamaran that you can use for fishing, day sailing, relaxing, or diving. That means you get value for your money when you rent one from a good rental like Premier Get Wet Sports. Besides, you can also use it for watersports. However, have it in mind that you must be at least 18 years old to drive a Craigcat. Also, you must have a driver's license and a Florida Boat Safety certificate if you were born after January 1988.

Activities to try out with your craig cat boat rental Leesburg boat rental

Generally speaking, what you do with a Craigcat will depend on its brand, size, and design. Smaller center console cats with an open deck and a driving station in the center may be ideal for fishing or diving, and because they do not roll, they cause less tiredness during the day.

More giant power cats are usually constructed for cruises; therefore, they might have a kitchen, bathrooms, and three to four sleeping cabins typically located in the deep hulls. Power cats are an excellent alternative for families with little children or elderly, less mobile riders since they are huge and have solid platforms.

The following are some activities you can try out with your Craigcat

Boat Cruise on Lake Dora

If your Craigcat rental is large enough, consider taking it on a trip to Lake Dora. This is a fantastic location with lots of sightseeing activities waiting for you. With the size of the boat, you won't have to leave anyone behind. Plus, it is safe enough for everyone, including kids.

It's also a great way to visit Lake Eustis. The Lake Eustis Boat Rental experiences are the same since they are all connected by the great Harris Chain of Lakes.

Join a fishing tournament in Leesburg FL

You can also use your Craigcat boat for fishing in Leesburg. There is n better place to catch Bass fish in Central Florida than in Leesburg. The city is home to about seven of the best bass lakes in Florida. As a result, there are many fishing tournaments held here every year. Leesburg, Florida, is always happy to cooperate with renowned bass tournament organizations and event companies, highlighting its heritage with fish-rich grounds.

Final thought about Leesburg Boat Rentals

Leesburg, FL is a city with many attractions spread across the lakes surrounding it. To have the best fun in this city, you should consider getting any of the above Leesburg boat rentals. Premier Get Wet Sports is there for you to get you the best boats that are safe and easy to use. Get one of these from Premier Get Wet Sports and let your fun begin.

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