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10 Things You have been Missing on Harris Lake

Check out these things you don't want to miss on Harris Lake

Lake Harris chain of lakes is one of Central Florida's hidden gems. Located in Northwest Orlando, the chain of lakes has 8 lakes, including lakes Griffin, Apopka, Eustis, Dora Beauclair, Carlton, Yale, and Lake Harris. All these lakes come together, covering an area of roughly 75,000 acres.

All these lakes are unique as they carry in them some wonders. Sadly, many people are missing out on these beautiful sights because they do not know what Harris Lake has in store for them.

This article will show you some of these beautiful sights in Harris Lake that you have been missing; keep reading to find out!

Lake Dora and the Lake County Triangle

Lake Dora is a sight on its own as it sits in between what is called the Lake County's triangle. The Lake County Triangle refers to Eustis, Tavares, and Mount Dora. In between these three counties is where you will find the beautiful Lake Dora.

If you are coming to Florida on any of its warm sunny days, this is one place you shouldn't miss. This Lake is famous amongst boaters because it is one of the best locations for boat cruising. Asides from that, it is an excellent place to start exploring Harris Chain Lake. That's because it connects directly to Lake Eustis through the Dora Canal. It also connects with Lake Apopka through the Apopka Beauclaire Canal.

These two Canals are worthy of mention because they are the best Lake Harris fishing spots

where you can enjoy fishing action on Harris Lake. The Lake Dora, along with Lakes Apopka and Lake Eustis and their connecting canals, makes up the Eastern part of Harris Lake.

Check out the amazing Triangle with the perfect Lake County Rentals, for the best view possible. Our Lake County Boat rentals will get you the best experience to see all that there is to see!

Antique Wood Boat Show in Tavares

Lake Harris Leesburg, Florida, has some rich cultural and historical heritage. If you are a fan of antique wooden boats, you should try visiting sometime. Get front row seats by renting a Leesburg boat rental while you are at it! In the Lake, there is a community of lovers of antique boating. The community is active, and it's a part of the Antique and Classic Boat Society(ACBS) in the US.

They have a large antique and classic boat show in Tavares every year, which is the largest of its kind in the US. It usually features different people from over 26 states in the US. The event is just ideal for anyone.

If you are looking to meet new people, there are up to 8,000 more people to meet at the events every year. And if you are there just for the boats, the event usually has over 250 classic and antique boats on display.

Ski Beach

The ski beach is one of the hidden gems in Lake Harris, and it goes by several aliases. Many people now call this place the Venetian Gardens. It is located in Leesburg in Florida, and it surrounds the beautiful Harris Lake. It was first called the Ski Beach back in days of its full glory. Those who witnessed tourists pouring in to enjoy water skiing adventures decided to call it by that name.

Although skiing is no longer common on this island, it has retained its beauty. The beauty of this beach and its rich history makes it the perfect place to relax with your loved ones. The island features fireworks on special days and events like the 4th of July.

Park up your Harris lake boat storage and head out to this island for a fun picnic with your family. You can sit to eat and have some good beach time when you are there. In the alternative, you can watch the cinematic view of the beautiful Lake Harris from a distance.

Monkey Island

When people hear the name Monkey Island, they imagine a place filled with monkeys. Well, if you are a fan of monkeys, sorry to disappoint. There is not a single monkey on this island, even though its name is monkey island.

While it is unclear why the island's name is so confusing, you can be sure of something. That is, the island has all you need to have a wonderful picnic experience. But then, to get the island, you'll need a proper boat from any Harris Lake boat rentals like Premier Get Wet Sports.

Take your boat for some excellent time on the island. When you get there, you will also notice the island has some fantastic views that are picture-worthy. If you are a fan of pictures, remember to take your camera along and get some nice shots on your trip.

Wildlife Species in Dora Canal

If you have been to Harris Lake and didn't see Dora Canal, you are missing a lot. The Dora Canal is a beautiful river that connects Lake Eustis and Lake Dora. This lovely location is majestically rich with all sorts of wildlife.

It is one of the most popular places on the Lake Harris Chain of Lakes for many reasons. First is the fact that the environment is beautiful and peaceful. Also, many people believe that the movie African Queen from 1951 was shot in this location. While the validity of that statement is still debated, many fans of the movie say the place looks like some scenes in the movie.

Get yourself a nice boat from any Mount Dora boat rentals and cruise your way to the Dora Canal. While you are there, enjoy the beautiful views and the incredible wildlife present there. Ensure you take your cameras along, and you will see lots of beautiful picture-worthy sights. Remember also to bring along some snacks to enjoy the trip.

Dining on a Lake on the Dead River

This might sound a little dramatic or scary, but there is nothing to be scared about. Dead River sounds like some scene for some horror movie, but it's not. The interesting choice of name comes from the fact that the river doesn’t have any currents.

This exciting river separates the Tavares and Leesburg, where you find Harris Lake. Aside from that, the river also connects Harris Lake to Lake Eustis.

If you love lakes and the scenery around them, Dead River is the place to be. More so, the river's shore has some of the most prominent and most lively establishments in Lake Harris. On the shores of this river, you will find some of the best restaurants on lake Harris FL. All these make the spot the ideal place to sit and enjoy your meals. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there are many restaurants on the shores waiting to attend to all of your needs. You can walk in and get a bite, or you might request a beverage or your favorite beer. Whatever it is you want, you are covered.

On the weekends, there is even more to do. Restaurants on Lake Harris FL, especially around the shores of the Dead River, have a raw bar where you can enjoy good music and some nice drinks. On Wednesdays, you can join in for the popular steak night that attracts people from far and near.

The fantastic thing about the Dead River is that it does not only care for your stomach. There is also some provision for your boat. So, you can pull over in your Lake Harris boat rentals and get refueled before heading out for more fun on Harris Lake.

Bass Fishing on Lake Eustis

Lake Harris Chain of Lakes has some of the largest lakes in Florida. These lakes are not just there; they are home to many fish. If you are lucky enough to visit the Harris chain of lakes on a good day, you will see so many people trying out their luck to get some fish.

Bass fishing is the most common activity at the Lake Harris Chain of Lakes. Although there are some other fish species in the area, bass fish is the most prominent. If you want to get a good catch, take your Lake Eustis boat rentals and go get what's waiting for you.

As you go, ensure you rent a good boat that has enough room for your fish. That's because lake Eustis has massive potential for being productive. No matter the season of the year, there is always some fish to catch in the Lake. More so, it has a couple of canals around it that count as some of the best Lake Harris fishing spots.

Worthy of mention is the popular sinkhole at the end of one of the natural canals on the Northwest side of Lake Eustis. The sinkhole called the Gator hole is famous as some of the largest Bass fishes in Lake Harris have been caught there. It also has some of the largest numbers of fish in the Lake.

With the right tools and skills, your Harris Lake boat storage should be filled with fish when you visit Lake Eustis and its canals for fishing. But then ensure you have a good boat that can support you while you are out there fishing. You can use the services of experienced Harris Lake Boat Rentals like Premier Get Wet Sports.

Seaplane Tours at Tavares

Tavares is a county just at the shores of the Dead River. This country is one of the most famous in the Lake Harris Chain of lakes due to the abundance of seaplanes there. If you have not had a seaplane ride before, this might be your opportunity to have one.

The city has so many seaplanes that it is called America's Sea Plane city. The seaplanes offer you a unique way to explore the Lake Harris Chain of Lakes. With the planes, you can view the entire area with a bird's eye view and see more of what you can't see from a boat. From high up in the sky, you will appreciate the many lakes in the Harris Chain of Lakes. It is such a great place too see more of the beauty of the environment out there.

So, don't have to miss out on the fun even if you are scared of flying. It's so convenient that you can bring your boat here and watch the many seaplane tournaments held here too. That way, you can have good fun without having to get on the plane.

Relaxation and accommodation at the Lake Harris Lodge

A list of things not to miss at Lake Harris will not be complete until we describe what it's like to rest in Lake Harris. If you are tired of having fun, there are some places you can retire to rest in Lake Harris Leesburg, FL.

Lake Harris chain of lakes has its fair share of the best apartments and hotels where you can rest for as long as you want. Pullover your boat at Tavares and book a room at Lake Harris Lodge. In the alternative, you can check Fisherman's cove.

Among other hospitality establishments in Lake Harris, these two offer good rooms for relaxation. Asides from that, they are also fish camps. That means you will find lots of anglers like you resting for the night. If you are free, you can connect and make new friends. It is the perfect opportunity to learn new fishing tricks if you are new to fishing.

Final thoughts

The Harris Chain of Lakes is one of the best places in Central Florida to enjoy on the water. It has many boat ramps, allowing you to enjoy the many benefits of lake cruising and fishing across the lake system.

Many launches take place in parks and leisure areas with picnic areas and other amenities, making it a complete experience and the ideal location for an all-day expedition. With so many connected lakes, boaters may easily explore the system and spend the day exploring the water.

The lakes in the Lake Harris Chain of Lakes are great places to enjoy lots of different activities. Everything from paddling, boating, swimming, jet skiing and so much more. The lakes have great fishing spots known for catching bass.

These lakes present you with a variety of fish, and they attract lots of bass anglers from all over the world. Top Lake Harris fishing spots host lots of bass fish tournaments annually too which you don’t want to miss if that’s your sport of choice!

Do not waste any time if you found anything amazing on this list. Get a boat now from Premier Get Wet Sports—one of the best Harris Lake boat rentals and start your exploration.

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